How to reach us

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By car:

We are located in the upper part of Cortona and you can reach us with your car without touching the ZTL following these directions: Once you arrive near Cortona, continue on the Provincial road 34 Umbro-Cortonese (keeping the city on your right) until you reach the Porta Colonia, which will be a large stone archway across from a parking area Turn right through the City Gate.
Go along Via Dardano to the intersection by the Tabacchi and from there turn left on to Via Maffei (uphill).
After about mt. 50 there is another intersection and you will turn left on Via Berrettini, YOU ARE ALMOST THERE, You will see on your right the churches of San Francesco and if they are available you can park in one of the four parking in front of the B&B.
Otherwise you can stop in the little square to drop down your luggage and then I’ll show you the nearest parking lot.

By Train:

Hi, when you get off at the “CAMUCIA-CORTONA” train station you can wait for a bus to Cortona or you can be accompanied by a TAXI. (it’s about 5 Km.) If you take a taxi you can get off in front of the B&B in Via Berrettini, 6. If you take the bus you can reach Cortona in one of the two possible stops: 1 Piazzale del Mercato (600 meters all uphill) 2 Piazza Garibaldi (400 meters) only 150-200 meters are uphill – best option